How to Use Your Pen Drive as RAM For Your PC


Is your PC is too slow and you want to up the RAM but you don’t have the cash or don’t possess the technical skills to do it yourself then see these quick and easy steps to use your spare Pen Drive as RAM for your PC.


1. First of all plug your USB in the USB port and make sure that you do not have any important data on USB.

2. Open your “My Computer” and Right click onto the USB. Which you want to use as RAM.
3. Select “Properties” (the last option) from the drop down menu.

4. A new window will open select “Ready Boost” Tab from there. And tick on the “Use this device” button.

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5. Select the space which you want to use for RAM.
6. Finally click onto the “Apply” and then finally “OK” button.
7. That’s it you have successfully used your USB (Pen drive) as a virtual memory (RAM) for your computer

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