Top Bitcoin Faucets With Decent Payout

Bitcoin Faucets as the name suggests are programs which gives you Bitcoins rather than water. There are hundreds, if not thousands of Bitcoin Faucets on the internet, many of which are scams.

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin Faucet payouts are generally tiny – usually measured in Satoshi (100,000,000th of a BitCoin), but the small amounts can add up over time.
Faucet sites also vary in how much effort it is for you to claim your reward. Most, if not all require some sort of Captcha code or human verification, to prove your not an automated program. Some are quick and painless, whilst others are a real mission to get through.

Let’s face it, you’re not going to get rich from Bitcoin faucets – but if you choose wisely – you can get the most Satoshi for the minimum time and effort.

Here’s our top favourite Bitcoin Faucets






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