Apple Admits Deliberately Slowing Down Older iPhones

If you’re one of those who started suspecting their older iPhones seemed to run more slowly, you’re not crazy.

Apple have come out to say that a software feature they released last year makes your phone operate more slowly to offset problems with its aging lithium-ion battery. As batteries get older, they don’t hold their charges as well as newer batteries and can have worse problems when the charge is low or the temperature is cold.

The aging battery means your phone could have trouble operating or might unexpectedly shut down, as happened to the iPhone 6 and 6S last year The processors in those devices wanted to hit faster speeds, but their batteries couldn’t handle the demand, prompting some phones to simply switch themselves off.

To address that, Apple’s IOS software, starting with last year’s iOS 10.2.1, incorporated better power management capabilities, the company says. The operating system slows down your device to prevent it from shutting down, Apple says, but only in cases of cold temperature, a low battery charge or very old batteries.

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If an update’s purpose is to slow your iPhone down, It would seem that not all updates are indeed upgrades!

Apple admits to slowing down older iphones Apple admits to slowing down older iphones Apple admits to slowing down older iphones

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