Month: December 2017

What Is 3D Food Printing And The Change It’s Bringing

NASA awarded a contract to the Systems and Materials Research Consultancy to study the feasibility of printing food in space. 3D food printing is just like 3D printing but the plastic is replaced with edible food ingredients materials sometimes bounded togethet with edible cement.  3D food printer, The Foodini can

Eric Schmidt steps down as Google Alphabet’s executive chairman

Longtime Google executive Eric Schmidt announced today that he’ll be stepping down from his role as the executive chairman of Alphabet’s board of directors. Alphabet has confirmed the move with TechCrunch, offering up a statement from Schmidt. See also: Google Search Adds Selfie-Style Answers From Celebs “Larry, Sergey, Sundar and

Co-founder of Leaves Bitcoin for Bitcoin Cash

The co-founder of is defecting to rival Bitcoin Cash. In an interview with Swedish tech site Breakit, Emil Oldenburg revealed that he is selling all of his bitcoins and replacing them with Bitcoin Cash. His decision was triggered by bitcoin’s high transaction costs and lead times (for approving transactions). The average transaction

BlackHatNaija: What it is, How to register

We at Tecep’s Blog recently conducted a search and found out that the several hundred different Nigerian forums on the internet serve mostly the same objective, Entertainment but then we discovered diamond among all the “gold”. That diamond is BlackHatNaija. What is Black Hat Naija BlackHatNaija is a unique twist of social media

Google Assistant Coming To Older Phones Running Android 5.0 Lollipop And Up

Google’s push to put the Google Assistant everywhere continues. The company’s voice search interface exists on phones, watches, TVs, cars, and in standalone smart speakers, but the company has never done a great job of capturing the entire 2 billion-strong Android market. The Assistant originally launched on a single phone,